How to download font at FOOTBALLFONTJERSEY.com?

1. Choose which font you like to buy and click ” DOWNLOAD ”

2. And pay with your paypal , and you will receive link for download by email directly.

3. Please download as soon as possible because link will expired in 24 hours

4. If link expired you can request new link by email , we will send new link for you.


How to request font not available on site?

1. Send JPEG High Quality to our email footballfontjersey@gmail.com

2. We will confirm can make or not

3. Please wait around 5 days to make font , and then you can pay depend diffiuclty


How about refund if font can’t be instaled?

1. Please send report to our email footballfontjersey@gmail.com with screen shoot

2. We will offer new file or refund your payment

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