Nike Teamwear Third Jersey Pattern ( Barcelona , Inter Milan , Manchester City )


We update jersey pattern , This is pattern Nike Third Jersey for barcelona , inter milan and manchester city . I think some club use this pattern too. We made pattern on cut pattern to make jersey , so if you want make jersey you just need print or adjust size. In file we adjust for Small size ( 50 cm x 70 cm ).


Corinthians 2015 / 2016 Font TTF and OTF & Vector


Now we update Corinthians 2015 / 2016 Font in TTF or OTF version and Vector ( PDF ) , for TTF and OTF format you need instal first , TTF is for windows font and OTF is for Mac , after instal you can type directly using keyboard on Word or other program like usual. Vector format you must open with vector editor such as Corel Draw or Illustrator.

If you don’t get email directly please check on your spam folder or other email ( may be your email and paypal’s email different ) or you can contact us at and we will help you to check your problem.

If any request font you can send image with high resolution to our email with subject : ” REQUEST FONT ”

Thanks , we will update font more .

corinthinas-2015-2016-font corinthinas-2015-2016-font-ttf





Italia Font 2015 / 2016 TTF / OTF and Vector


Longtime not update because real life business , now we update ITALIA Font 2015 / 2016 in TTF & OTF format and Vector ( pdf ) format. This font will wear Italy national team in EURO 2016 Qualification , We made 2 kind of font , for TTF and OTF format you will only get simple font and only one colour ( please check on preview ) and you can type directly using keyboard on Word .For vector format we save as PDF file you can open with Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator , in this version you will get font with real colour like on jersey.

We not guarantee if you buy wrong format , we cant refund if you buy VECTOR format and complai can’t instal to your computer or can’t type in Word or other. So, please check before you buy with your needs.





Athletic Bilbao Font 2015 / 2016 TTF & OTF and Vector


We update Athletic Bilbao font for season 2015 / 2016 , font design same like season 2014 / 2015. We made 2 format in TTF ( for windows ) & OTF ( for mac ) in one package and vector format as PDF ( you can open in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator ). Please check carefully when you will make a purchase , make sure you buy TTF & OTF or PDF and we not guarantee when you make mistake buy wrong format.

If you need for cutting plotter or photoshop you can buy TTF format and for cut and print you can buy PDF format






Puma Swerve Jersey Pattern Vector


I will try to make pattern jersey , last month we made super hero jersey , now we make pattern from Puma Jersey , its name is Puma Swerve. Some club like Arsenal for away jersey and Newcastle for away jersey use this pattern. So ,  if you have business producing jersey you can buy or may be you are a jersey designer. You can change colour what you want , we give step how to change colour in file

puma-swerve-jersey-pattern PATETRN-PUMA-SWERVE-DOWNLOAD-VECTOR